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VinGardeValise® In the News

Visit the links below to see why VinGardeValise® is beloved by wine lovers around the world.

African American Golfer's Digest

"Introducing a unique and stylish solution for wine and spirits enthusiasts, the two-bottle aluminum frame is crafted for those who appreciate a blend of sophistication and durability in transporting their favorite bottles."

A Luxury Travel Blog

"The VinGardeValise Grande by FlyWithWine is a must-have travel accessory that provides a safe journey for up to twelve bottles of your favorite wine, beer or spirits."

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

"Traveling with bottles of wine can be a challenge. FlyWithWine has designed a line of VinGardeValises with high density foam inserts that safely cradle wine."


"There’s the roll-it-up-in-a-t-shirt approach to traveling with wine, and then there’s the classy way: the VinGardeValise. It’s simple."

Gear Brigade

"This company right here is quickly becoming a favorite of mine as I have now received a few products from them and they have all been great-looking pieces that are built with exceptional quality. Kudos to Ron and Ryan for keeping FlyWithWine on track!"

Iconic Concierge Maazine

Featured in the 2023 Holiday Gift Guide "For Her"

Forbes Advisor

"FlyWithWine suitcases solve the transit problem with bags that securely store your vineyard purchases. If you save one mishap with a spilled pinot noir you’ll recoup the value of this bag."

Wall Street Journal

"The VinGardeValise Universal Travel Wine Suitcase is the industry-standard for wine suitcases in the U.S.A. This is a great option if you are traveling to a wine destination and want to make sure the special bottles you are purchasing make their way back."


"The VinXplorer wine and beverage backpack and wineglass storage case by FlyWithWine is a must-have for the sophisticated wine lover on the go."

Whisky Advocate

"The smart design looks identical to any normal luggage, but the inside features high-density foam with 12 spaces for 750 ml bottles."


"This sleek suitcase has one side for clothing and another with high-density closed-cell interior foams cavities to hold five bottles. This is a perfect gift for your wine-loving friend. Now, if we could only settle on which five bottles to take."

The Gentleman's Choice

"The VinGardeValise is a durable yet lightweight suitcase specifically designed to carry up to five bottles of wine, spirts, glassware, or anything else that you might come across on your next Wine Trail vacation or even your Vacation of a Lifetime!"

Men's Journal

"Best For 2 Bottles: Vin2Go. From the company that also makes the heralded VinGarde Valise wine suitcase, this is a solid option for those who like the convenience of having a two-bottle carrier, and is quite versatile."

Condé Nast Traveler Online

"Ideal for any jet-setting wine aficionado, the VinGardeValise can still be used on non-wine-buying getaways, too, since the foam inserts are removable."

Apartment Therapy

"When I got my hands on a VinGardeValise Wine Travel Suitcase just before a trip to France this year, I had no idea what a game-changing piece of luggage this would be."

The Quality Edit

"My trusty Piccolo 5-Bottle VinGardeValise® came in handy to take home a few prized bottles, and my wine and I landed safely at LAX a few hours later."

Golf Chicago Magazine

"The VinXplorer wine and beverage backpack by FlyWithWine is a must-have for the sophisticated wine lover on the go! It gives you the freedom to enjoy your favorite wine or spirits anywhere you want to take them."

Oregon Wine Press

"No doubt, this is the safest way to fly with your special wines in tow."

DRIFT Travel

"Whether you’re going away for a long weekend or coming back from a winery, you’ll love knowing that your favorite bottles of wine are along for the ride — and safe from breakage."

Food Wine Sunshine

"Pro-travel Tip: Pack a couple bottles of wine and bring em with you! Not only will it save you some money, but it guarantees that you’ll have wine you like. I brought 5 bottles with us in my FlyWithWine suitcase."

Daily Mom

"If you are a wine lover and plan to travel this summer, The VinGardeValise is a must-have wine travel accessory."

Invited Magazine

"FlyWithWine’s Grande 12-Bottle V.5 is the ultimate bag to bring on your next sojourn to Sonoma."

Cape Fear Living

"The VinXplorer wine and beverage backpack by FlyWithWine is a must-have for the sophisticated wine lover on the go."

Trazee Travel

"This luggage looks like any other suitcase, but is specially designed by the pros at FlyWithWine to hold both your wine and your clothes — up to 12 bottles, in fact."

Grape Experiences

"To be honest, I’m obsessed with the VinXplorer Backpack."

Drink Hacker

"FlyWithWine seems to putting that question back on the table by offering a portfolio of select products that seek to offer that little extra touch of convenience, elegance, and function top wine storage and transport."


"When I first read about this type of luggage, I expected it to be a gimmick that is fine for bringing some bottles home safely, but at the expense of the rest of your gear. Boy, was I wrong."

Indianapolis Star

"The beverage backpack by FlyWithWine lets users carry and dispense wine from their backs."

Oprah Daily

"For the person in your life who is well, aging like fine wine, they will especially appreciate this carrying case for wine glasses when they are traveling or simply going on a beautiful picnic in the summer."


"Not only are these bags ideal for travelers who love to bring their favorite bottles of wine and spirits home from vacation, but they’re simply exceptional pieces of luggage."


"For anyone who likes to bring back bottles from their travel destinations, the VinGardeValise is a no-brainer. It keeps bottles snug and protected throughout the travel experience while also proving to be incredibly packable and lightweight."

Pub Club

"The VinGardeValise by FlyWithWine is a line of tough suitcases that are gentle on glass, thanks to their dense foam inserts created to cradle wine bottles."

Jetset Magazine

"Searching for the perfect present for a vino lover this holiday season? Look no further than FlyWithWine’s innovative wine suitcase collection."


"Fully loaded with wine, the VinGardeValise stays below the magic 23 kilos for free luggage allowance. It can be easily manoeuvred through the terminal on smooth-running wheels and a telescopic pole."


"It’s perfect to throw in the trunk for a road trip or to check with an airline when flying."

The Impulse Traveler

"Whether you’re going away for a long weekend or coming back from a winery, you’ll love knowing that your favorite bottles of wine are along for the ride — and safe from breakage."

Fodor's Travel

"Among the options in their line is the VinGardeValise Piccolo, a wheeled suitcase that securely holds up to five bottles of wine, with enough room for your clothes and belongings on the other side."

The Austin Chronicle

"Tired of lugging that heavy ice chest to the beach? Get your Sherpa the VinXplorer beverage backpack to bring the party wherever you go."

A Luxury Travel Blog

"The VinGardeValise® Piccolo doubles as an anytime, anywhere airline carry-on piece of luggage or as a checked wine travel case. It’s perfect for quick weekend getaways and ideal for last-minute airport Duty Free purchases."


""Whether you’re heading to wine country to stock up, or if you simply prefer to travel with your wines, a VinGardeValise is a perfect solution for the traveling wine lover."

10 Best-USA Today

"The newest version of VinGardeValise is perfect for traveling with wine."

Gadget Gram

"The FlyWithWine VinXplorer is a unique beverage backpack that’s specifically designed to carry and directly serve wine or any other type of beverage."

What's In That Bottle?

"You guys – this thing is COOL! It’s a high-end black nylon backpack that you could use everyday to tote your laptop and work stuff and THEN you can pack it up with wine to take on a picnic, a bike ride, a hike – wherever!"

Travel Awaits

"If you are a wine lover, the VinGardeValise by FlyWithWine will change your life."

The Wine Chef

"Here’s a terrific idea: Fill the VinGardeValise Piccolo suitcase with five great wines and give your wine loving friends the best present they’ll receive this holiday season."

Executive Traveller

"If you’re serious about your wine and really want that added protection, you could invest in a ‘VinGardeValise’ Fly With Wine suitcase."


"I brought my tried-and-true FlyWithWine on the trip, a very durable suitcase that includes removable inserts for carrying wine, and it’s being put to good use with six bottles coming home with me."

Luxury Travel

"Luxury wine gifts from a sturdy suitcase to a custom modern wall-mounted wine display, these are sure to impress the wine lover in your life."

Design Swan

"This is the best gift for wine lovers who love buying bottles of wine on their travels."

Best Products

"I recently celebrated my 30th birthday in Napa, and this amazing wine suitcase from FlyWithWine allowed me to take nearly a dozen bottles of vino home."

Mommy Enterprises

"For the dads that TRAVEL & love WINE, you can give a FANCY suitcase that allows him to carry multiple bottles of is favorite wine along for the ride."

West Coast Woman

"Whether you're going away for a long weekend or coming back from a winery, you'll love knowing that your favorite bottles of wine are along for the ride - and safe from breakage."

Santa Babara Life & Style

"Let the wine therapy continue post-weekender with this genius luggage: cleverly designed with wine-shaped foam cavities, you can stash any combination of up to 12 travels!"

Kansas City Homes & Style

" VinGardeValise Piccolo 5-bottle suitcase has your wine traveling safely."

Always Pack Tissues

"The Future of Flying with Wine: The VinGardeValise® Wine Suitcase"

Wine Divaa

"It fits as a carry-on piece of luggage or as a checked wine travel case to travel safely with up to five bottles of wine. It’s perfect for quick weekend getaways to Wine Countries or even the Duty Free."

Wine & Spirits Magazine

"This backpack comes with two reusable pouches to hold your favorite beverages, easily accessed from a nozzle upfront. It also features a removable two bottle carrier and a separate compartment for storing a laptop—everything you need for a casual picnic or an on-the-go business dinner."

Gear Brigade

"The VinXplorer Wine and Beverage Backpack Bundled with the Vin2Go Case makes for a great companion during outdoor events, traveling or just chilling with friends at a weekend gathering." 

town & country


"Whether it's buying bottles on their travels or bringing their own stash on the go, this suitcase can carry a full case."


"I selected countries where the restrictions are the tightest for entry," explains Scharman, the CEO of FlyWithWine, a specialty luggage company based in San Francisco."

Products Equip Travelers for Pandemic-Shaped Travels



"Send them on their way with this wine-friendly bag that can securely hold five standard bottles of wine."

house beautiful

House Beautiful

"...with the VinGardeValise suitcase, you'll be able to pack your wine, save money and not break a sweat while doing it."



"If you’re traveling and need to bring wine with you (or home from your trip), this sturdy suitcase is perfect."


"...a specialized suitcase that holds wine, a couple changes of clothes, and all but guarantees that your precious oeno-cargo gets there safely."


Coastal Home Life

"... you’ll love knowing that your favorite bottles of wine are along for the ride — and safe from breakage." 



"There’s the roll-it-up-in-a-t-shirt approach to traveling with wine, and then there’s the classy way: the VinGarde Valise."



"If the solo traveler in your life is also an oenophile and you want to “win” the holidays, then look no further than this wine suitcase."

cnet home

c|net Home

"This is a perfect gift for your wine-loving friend. Now, if we could only settle on which five bottles to take."

Bourbon and Boots

Best Gifts for the Traveling WIne Lover

Luxury Magazine

"The Grande VinGardeValise suitcase allows travelers to safely pack as many as 12 (750 ml) bottles and a variety of personal belongings."

Luxury Travel Advisor's - Pg. 52

"The VinGardeValise from FlyWithWine is a line of suitcases designed to carry wine bottles safely, ideal for those of us who bring our own vino on trips."

Go World Travel Magazine

"An all-purpose, petite suitcase, the VinGardeValise is an ideal suitcase for alcohol lovers. It allows you to pack bottles ranging from 2 to 8."

"The VinGardeValise® Piccolo is the perfect alternative to shipping wine. It’s the wine suitcase you never knew you needed."

Wake Up With The CW - KSNV-TV

"For the wine lover that loves to travel."

Daily Courier Newspaper

"You know you’re serious about wine, and travel, when you acquire a VinGardeValise Piccolo."

"A must-have travel solution for adult travelers who enjoy sourcing wines and other bottled beverages on trips around the world."

Marie Claire Magazine Online

"Highly recommended for no-spillage return flights."

Condé Nast Traveler

"This suitcase is perfect for wine lovers and will keep your bottles from breaking."

Parade Magazine Online

"Last minute Fathers Day gifts Dad will actually want."

E-Commerce Times

"Tourists want to buy wine and get it home to enjoy the memories of their travels."

Bridge Street Show - WSYR-TV

"If you’ve ever thought about flying with wine but stopped because of the hassle it might be, then this gift is perfect."

"Not only did it hold the bottles I needed but I felt the wines were as safe as they could possibly be for the journey!"

PureWow’s @cocktails on TikTok

"This wine suitcase is my prized possession."

Travel + Leisure Magazine

"The VinGardeValise by FlyWithWine is the it luggage for wine enthusiasts who also enjoy traversing the globe on the hunt for the next great vintage."

If You Pour It They Will Come

"Lucky for me I have found @vingardevalise to make traveling with wine easy this year."

VUE New Jersey Magazine

"Make sure to bring back a bottle (or even a couple of bottles) of paradise with Fly with Wine’s Piccolo 5-Bottle Case."

@Wineadette on Instagram

"Don’t ever have anxiety traveling with your babies anymore

Wishes and Wine

"These suitcases are amazing because the foam is adjustable so you can fill the whole thing with wine, or use one side to pack your clothes."

Hideaway Report

"20 Holiday Gifts for Foodies"

"Importantly, the Piccolo reserves space for clothing in part of the suitcase without giving up the five wine bottle capacity."

The Social Grapes

"This is the perfect size for weekend getaways. It’s got a hard shell, is FAA and TSA compliant, has a crazy good lock system, and it’s a smooth ride."

"This particular model was designed to safely carry 5 bottles of wine, with additional room for clothes. But the padding proves exceptionally adept at carrying your favorite grain-based liquors."

Times of the Islands Magazine

"The BierGardeValise allows safe transport of your special releases and hard-to-find brews."

Taste TV

"If you have more than a few bottles of wine from a day trip or a long trip away, you definitely want to get them home safe and sound. Fortunately, there is luggage for that."

New York Lifestyles Magazine - Pg.32

"VinGardeValise Piccolo pretty much guarantees VIP guest status with its cool concept and genius wherewithal."

Wine Living

"Color me impressed. It's thoughtfully engineered, it's versatile; you can even take some clothes and throw some souvenirs in there too."

"The possibilities are endless and you’ll never have to worry about not having good wine with you!"

Wine & Spirits Magazine

"If you’ve ever wrapped a few socks around a wine bottle and stuffed it in your suitcase, praying it would make it to your destination in one piece, this bag is for you."

DRIFT Travel

"The ability to fly with any combination of bottles, Champagne to Riesling, makes this most versatile wine suitcase set available."

Wine Industry Advisor

"With an enhanced exterior shell, 360° wheels, TSA-compliant lock, and room for 5 bottles or personal items as a carry-on, flying with wine has never been easier."